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197 Old Country Way
Limerick, ME 04048
United States
(978) 250 7449 (Eastern Time!)
Citizenship: United States

Areas of Expertise

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I have 8 patents issued and other patents are pending at the U.S. Patent Office.

Date issued

Patent number
Method, system, and computer program product for preventing unwanted application behavior.
Method and apparatus for assessing products Atkin, S.E.; Moriarty, M.F.; Sullivan, W.J.; Zapata, L.M.; Davis, M.E.
Testing multi-byte data handling using Multi-byte equivalents to single byte characters in a test string
Pseudo translation within an integrated development environmentBak, N. V.
Method, system and computer program product for displaying message genealogy
Method and apparatus for facilitating software testing and report generation with interactive graphical user interface Atkin, S.E.; Moriarty, M.F.; Sullivan, W.J.; Zapata, L.M.; Davis, M.E.
Identifying and measuring adherence to software development requirements Atkin, S.E.; Moriarty, M. F.; Sullivan, W.J.; Williams, S.J.; Zapata, L.
Pre-translation testing of bi-directional language display Hudson, R.



Background Knowledge

Android, mobile, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Lotus Notes (Client & Designer) and Domino (Server), Lotus Notes database and web application design, LotusScript and Lotus formula Language, XyWrite, Signature, SmartWords, Software product management, SourceSafe version control, Pascal, Clipper (dBase), Visual Basic, SPSS, askSam, Drafix CAD, AutoCaD, HiJaak, euroscript, RemoteSign, PC Hardware troubleshooting & configuration, Image processing and conversion, MS-DOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Database design, Data form design and validation, Product management,, Google applications: gmail, analytics, web tools, adsense, google docs, forms, gadgets, maps, voice, talk, etc., Digital model train control (Uhlenbrock, Märklin).

You can contact me directly. References available on request.

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